Recycle Carpet with GreenWaste

Did you know carpet can be recycled?

Used carpet is among the top ten materials in California landfills, with more than 350 million pounds discarded each year. However, petroleum-based carpet can be recycled into useful products, including new carpet, carpet padding, and insulation. In partnership with Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE), GreenWaste began carpet recovery in 2012.  

The mission of CARE is to advance market-based solutions that increase landfill diversion and recycling of post-consumer carpet and encourage design for recyclability. CARE is working steadfastly to build a network of drop-off locations throughout the state to collect used carpet for recycling, and GreenWaste is thrilled to be program partners. 

Your Impact

By recycling carpet and foam carpet padding with us at GreenWaste Carpet Recycling, you will not only be reducing the use of millions of barrels of oil to produce new carpeting, but you will also be helping it find new life as other useful productsThe impact of recycling 1000 square feet of carpet and pads keeps approximately 500Ibs out of the landfill and eliminates the need for an estimated 48 gallons of petroleum oil. It reduces approximately 913 lbs. of CO2 from being emitted into our air. Additionally, carpet recycling creates local “green” jobs for your community.  

End-products and Process

The process of carpet recycling mirrors that of other recovered materials. At our collection facility, carpet fiber type is identified with a hand scanner and sorted accordingly. Next, it is baled to be sent to processors. Processors then turn the carpet into various feedstocks, such as pellets and fibers, which are used for plastic products.  

Products made from recycled carpet and padding range from auto parts, plastic lumber, erosion control products, roof shingles, construction products and fuel pellets. Recycled carpet can even be turned into yarn and spun into a pair of leggings, backpacks, shoes, and more. 

How to Recycle Your Carpet

GreenWaste Recovery offers jobsite hauling and drop-off for carpet collection at 1201 North 15th St. in San Jose. We provide carpet recycling certification, so jobsites and contractors can be confident in material end-use. Our processing, handling and certification fee is a minimum of $25 per load and will depend on the quantity and condition of the materials. We will be more affordable than most area landfills. Please only bring carpet and padding, area rugs are NOT accepted or recyclable at our facility.  

To be accepted, carpet and padding must be: 

  • Dry and debris free 
  • Cut in manageable sections 
  • Carpet should be rolled or folded and separated from padding 

For hauling and drop-off quotes, email 

Please note, our carpet recycling processing facility is separate from our curbside collection operation. Please do not put carpet in your Blue / Recyclables cart. 



GreenWaste Recovery Carpet Recycling
1201 North 15th St
San Jose, CA  95112
Monday – Friday 7am – 3pm, Saturday – Sunday Closed

If you would like to support the carpet recycling industry, consider buying items made from post-consumer recycled carpet. Check out this list of products and vendors: “California Carpet Stewardship Program, Recycled Carpet-Derived Products”.