Diversity and Inclusion

How we come together is key to how we create a greener way to a better world.

GreenWaste is building a culture and community with equality and belonging at its core.  Creating a culture of equality isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s the smart thing.  We know our people are what drive our innovation.

GreenWaste operations have historically focused on eliminating barriers to access and success by providing training and opportunities for our people to thrive. 

At GreenWaste, we are proud of our diverse workforce and have a history of developing and promoting internal candidates and supporting their career growth.  Here are our 2022 numbers:


Percent of GreenWaste's overall workforce that identifies as a racial minority


Percent of GreenWaste's Management team that identifies as a racial minority.


Percent of senior managers that were internally promoted from roles such as customer service, sorting, driving, and outreach.

Inspiring the women leaders of tomorrow.

GreenWaste supports its GreenWaste Women’s Group “GWWG” to support, inspire, and amplify the progress of women in every step of their journey.  We achieve this through professional and personal development, leadership engagement, supportive connections, and networking and mentoring.

GreenWaste Women’s Group