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07 – The Almanac: Still have questions about California’s composting law?
06 – Waste Dive: Palo Alto, CA, amending GreenWaste recycling contract in move to prioritize domestic markets
05 – Palo Alto Weekly: Palo Alto shifts to domestic markets for recycled goods


12 – City of Palo Alto: New Garbage Processing & Disposal Services for Palo Alto
10 – WasteDive: Macquarie acquiring large stakes in GreenWaste and Zanker in its first California waste deal
02 – Recycling International: Novoloop CEO Miranda Wang: ‘We want to help double the size of the circular economy’


09 – Waste360: How GreenWaste Recovery’s top-line tech digs deeper into waste
06 – Waste 360: Biocellections chemical recycling process backed by GreenWaste Recovery and City of San Jose
02 – ABC7: Councilman proposes bringing plastic waste recycling plant to San Jose


12 – Waste360: 40 Under 40: Greenwaste’s Lopez takes resource recovery, recycling to new levels
08 – San Jose Mercury: Seabirds eating plastic. Recyclers struggling. This is what California’s waste crisis looks like
07 – MRC: MRW awards more than $120,000 in grants to California collection sites
04 – Californians Against Waste: China rejects most of our plastic. Now What?
01 – Resource Recycling: MRF of the Month
01 – RRCC: A New Era for Recycling: Q&A with CRRC leaders Tracy Adams and Art Pena


10 – Waste360: Aquarium Builds Blue Whale Art Installation From Single-use Plastic
08 – Green Matters: San Jose Is Recycling Its Plastics With A Revolutionary New Method
08 – ABC7 News: Public-Private Partnership In Bay Area Seeks To Make Chemicals From Hard-To-Recycle Plastics
08 – Waste360: GreenWaste Recovery Opens 90-tph Mixed Waste MRF
08 – Recycling Product News: GreenWaste Recovery, In Partnership With BHS, Opens 90-tph Mixed Waste MRF
07 – Telemundo: La ruta de los desechos en el Área de la Bahía


10 – The Carmel Pine Cone: City joins restaurants in recycling food waste
09 – Cedar Street Times: GreenWaste Recovery wins National Award for Recycling Excellence
07 – The Carmel Pine Cone: Restaurateurs get first look at straw rule, plastics ban
06 – Recycling Inside: GreenWaste selects BHS for Mixed Waste MRF
06 – Recycling Today: GreenWaste Recovery uses BHS equipment for system upgrade
06 – Recycling Product News: GreenWaste selects BHS for Mixed Waste MRF
06 – Waste360: GreenWaste selects BHS for Mixed Waste MRF in San Jose
06 – Waste Management World: Five BHS Max-AI Robotic Sorting Systems part of major upgrade at San Jose recycling plant
03 – Waste360: How San Jose tackled cleanup duties in flood ravaged neighborhoods


01 – Cedar St. Times: Cardboard collection in Pacific Grove


09 – Recycling Product News: GreenWaste Recovery diverts 88 percent of incoming materials
07 – Recycling Today: GreenWaste Recovery opens single-stream plant in San Jose
07 – Waste Dive: GreenWaste Recovery opens MRF in San Jose
04 – Monterey County Weekly: New waste hauler in seven Peninsula cities will allow residents to recycle more


04 – Biocycle Magazine: High solids Anaerobic Digestion + Composting in San Jose
01 – Monterey County Weekly: Waste district endorses new company for Peninsula hauling
01 – Monterey Herald: Monterey Peninsula cities consider new waste hauler


12 – MontereyCounty Weekly: Four companies vie to take over lucrative rights to haul Peninsula’s waste


03 – Mid-County Post: Closing the loop on food waste


08 – BioCycle Magazine: Creating infrastructure for commercial waste diversion
07 – Santa Cruz Sentinel: Capitola’s Pacific Coast Manor downsizes daily waste
06 – Resource Recycling Magazine: From multi-family to clean streams
05 – BioCycle Magazine: New frontier for commercial waste in San Jose
02 – Santa Cruz Sentinel: Capitola food waste program


12 – Renewable News: MRFing our way to diversion
10 – Santa Cruz Sentinel: Rinsing recyclables


12 – MSW Management: Modern MRF
11 – BioCycle Magazine: MRF Organics Recovery
10 – CIWMB Newsletter: Multi-Family Recycling Program San Jose
08 – USA Today: Is biogas the way to San Jose’s energy independence?
08 – Mercury News: SJ turn waste into power
07 – Recycling Today: MRF Trash to Treasure
06 – Resource Recycling: MRF of the Month


11 – San Jose Magazine: Green Challenge Waste Wise


05 – The Green Corner: San Jose Education Foundation
04 – The Green Corner: Friends of Guadalupe River Park & Gardens
03 – The Green Corner: Resource Area For Teaching (RAFT)
02 – The Green Corner: Certified Green Business