Our Story – updated

We know a greener world is within reach.

Everything we do is focused on helping to recover, recycle and reuse waste materials in the most innovative, environmentally responsible,
and reliable ways possible.

Our teams work to ensure you get unmatched service and value — backed by a passion for what’s right, a vision for new ideas, and a
commitment to sustainability that’s unmatched in our industry, or any industry.

If there’s a better way, we use it.
If there isn’t, we’ll invent it.

All in the service of communities, customers and, of course, the planet we all share.

GreenWaste. A greener way to a better world.

Who We Are

Who We Are

GreenWaste is a full-service resource recovery and recycling company that specializes in the collection and processing of residential and commercial solid waste, recyclable materials, organic materials and construction and demolition debris. GreenWaste’s current and predecessor companies have been innovation pioneers in the recycling industry for almost four decades.

Our mission is to focus our innovation, people, and commitment to be green first to revolutionize how we transform the world’s waste. 

How We've Grown

How We’ve Grown

GreenWaste was originally formed in 1991 to provide yard trimmings collection and processing services to the City of San Jose and has since expanded to serve more than 300,000 residential and 10,000 commercial customers in cities throughout the Santa Clara, San Mateo, Santa Cruz, and Monterey Counties.

By expanding and upgrading our Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) in San Jose, we have positioned ourselves as Northern California’s premier solid waste and recyclables processor. Not only does GreenWaste accept more materials from customers, GreenWaste also recovers more materials from each stream, and successfully markets those materials.