For almost four decades, our family of resource recovery and recycling companies have shared a commitment for doing what’s right for our communities, customers, and the planet we all share. Everything we do is focused on helping to recover, recycle, and reuse materials in the most innovative, reliable, and environmentally responsible way possible.

And now, GreenWaste is excited to announce that each of its companies are coming together, united under a powerful brand with a refreshed look, feel, tone, and message.

Our family of companies will now be doing business under the unified service mark GreenWaste™ – featuring a modern, streamlined look, forward-looking position, and showcasing our expertise through a new tagline: A greener way to a better world.

The symbol, or “recycling arc,” represents GreenWaste’s circular suite of recycling services, products, and our commitment to being green first. In the logotype, the highlighted “re” emphasizes how GreenWaste is reimagining recycling, reuse, and recovery.  Together, they tell the story of how GreenWaste is revolutionizing how we transform the world’s waste.

We will be rolling out our refreshed brand over the coming months and look forward to continuing to do business with you without interruption.

Thank you for your business and, together, we will create a greener tomorrow.