SAN JOSE, CA, February 2, 2023 –GreenWaste, a full-service resource recovery and recycling company, announced it has acquired the assets of Hayward Transfer Station (“HTS”), a Construction and Debris (“C&D”) transfer station located in Hayward, California. This is GreenWaste’s first acquisition since being acquired by a fund managed by Macquarie Asset Management.

“We are excited to welcome the HTS team to the GreenWaste family.” said Tracy Adams, CEO of GreenWaste. “This, and future acquisitions, will position GreenWaste to become market leaders and better serve the Bay Area by providing customers with the most innovative waste and C&D recycling solutions possible. We are committed to retaining full-time employees and ensuring a smooth transition for our new team members and customers.”

GreenWaste intends to expand HTS’ service offerings and hours to better serve customers and the local community. All C&D material, including carpet, from HTS will now be transported to GreenWaste facilities in San Jose, CA for best-in-class processing, increased certified diversion and recycling into new products. GreenWaste’s RCI certified facility diverts more than 80% of material from landfill and transforms material into aggregates, mulches and other landscaping material available for purchase to individual and wholesale customers.

“GreenWaste has the infrastructure and resources to better streamline the recycling of Alameda County’s construction and demolition debris.  Moving forward, HTS assets will be part of a more dynamic and environmentally friendly recycling solution, allowing more materials than ever before to be diverted from landfills.” Said Todd Fitch, former owner of the Hayward Transfer Station.  “We are confident that our customers will continue to receive the same exceptional service they have come to expect from us and are excited to see what the future holds under GreenWaste’s leadership.”

No financial details were disclosed regarding the transaction.

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GreenWaste’s mission is to focus on innovation, people and commitment to be green first to revolutionize how we transform the world’s waste. GreenWaste specializes in the collection and processing of residential and commercial solid waste, recyclable materials, organic materials and construction and demolition debris. GreenWaste’s current and predecessor companies have been innovation pioneers in the recycling industry for almost four decades.  For more information about GreenWaste, go to:

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