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2012 Sustainability Report

Download the 2012 GreenWaste/Zanker Sustainability Report (PDF)

Locally owned and operated since 1991, GreenWaste and our sister company, Zanker Road Resource Management (1985), have continually pushed the boundaries of traditional recycling technology to redefine expectations of us as collectors and processors. By treating the waste we manage as a commodity, we continually increase the recycling rates in our processing facilities. 

As an effort to safely service our communities and maximize our diversion from landfills, we focus on minimizing our carbon footprint and teaching future generations the value of our planet’s limited resources. By accomplishing these goals, we are continuing the legacy of sustainability that has defined our companies.

We are confident our 2012 Sustainability Report is a testament to this vision. In this report, we chronicle our past and current successes while clearly laying out our companies’ future goals.

GreenWaste Recovery Becomes Green Business Certified

Please join us in growing the pool of Green Business Certified under this program! For more information about becoming a Green Business in other Bay Area counties, please visit www.greenbiz.ca.gov.

Since 1991, GreenWaste has consistently sought new opportunities to integrate environmental and conservation programs into our ongoing operations.

As a materials hauler

  • We have been using biodiesel fuels since we assembled our first fleet
  • We are constantly increasing route efficiencies to reduce vehicle miles traveled
  • We have begun replacing our aging fleet with vehicles fueled by CNG

As a materials processor

  • We have pioneered cutting-edge techniques
  • We have some of the highest diversion rates in the industry
  • We have installed 80,000 sq. ft. of solar panels on our Material Recovery Facility (MRF)
  • We compost the organics that are recovered from the garbage we process

Our most recent accomplishment is the certification of our corporate office as a Green Business through the Santa Clara County Green Business Program. We have long held the values and implemented practices to

  • increase energy efficiency
  • reduce water consumption
  • minimize the generation of waste
  • decrease the use of single-use products
  • patronize local and green businesses
  • purchase products that are non-hazardous and non-toxic

All for the benefit of the environment in which we live and work.

GreenWaste Recovery Becomes Climate RegisteredTM


GreenWaste has received Climate RegisteredTM status, which is awarded to members of the Climate Registry that measure their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions according to the Registry's rigorous voluntary reporting program.

The Climate Registry is a non-profit organization that operates the only carbon footprint registry in North America.

"Becoming Climate Registered isn't easy," said former Executive Director Diane Wittenberg of the Climate Registry. "These organizations have measured the GHG footprints with accuracy and transparency. No green washing here; that's real environmental leadership."

By understanding what emissions are being generated by the operations at GreenWaste, we can see where processes can improve and emissions can be reduced - through fleet fuel changes, energy efficiency at the offices and other management practices.

Already, GreenWaste has begun generating renewable on-site power at our MRF, which helps to offset over 100 metric tons of GHG's a year. Additionally, we utilize biodiesel fuels and are looking to expand out alternative fuels profile. By choosing to voluntarily report, we are staying ahead of the curve, anticipating potential impacts from new federal and state regulations.

In 2009, GreenWaste avoided over 250,000 metric tons of GHGs, making our avoided emissions 20 times higher than the emissions emitted by our operations.

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