Collection Charges

Collection Costs | Costs for collection of garbage, recyclable materials, food waste and construction and demolition debris vary depending on services requested. Monthly subscription rates are based on material type, container size and frequency of collection. Additional services and requests are available for an additional charge and include special pick-up fees, per-pull fees and additional collection service charges as described below.

Monthly Rates | Weekly subscription-based collection services for materials collected in carts and bins are based on the material type, container size and frequency of collection. Services are provided weekly and customers are billed monthly.

Per-Pull Fees | All collection services in drop boxes and compactors are charged on a per-pull basis plus a material processing pass-through. Drop boxes and compactor rates include per-pull fees, the cost of material processing and/or disposal fees or credits are charged based on the weight of the material collected.

Additional Services | GreenWaste can also provide additional on-call or one-time services for an additional charge. Additional services available include, but are not limited to: opening and closing gates, pushing and/or pulling containers to the point of collection, locking and/or unlocking containers, or performing other services as reasonably necessary to access and empty containers.

Service Requests | Subscription changes, collection of additional materials and/or special items or collection of materials on a day other than the regularly scheduled collection day can only be requested by persons authorized on the account.

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