Additional Collection Services

Bulky-item Collection Program I Customers may request up to three (3) bulky item reuse on-call collection events each year for no additional charge. Each collection event includes up to two (2) cubic yards of reusable materials, five (5) e-Waste items, and three (3) appliances or bulky items. Appliances containing Freon count as two (2) bulky items. Additional bulky items may be collected for an additional charge. No single item may weigh more than 200 lbs., further restrictions may apply. To schedule your bulky item collection, please contact Customer Service.

Household Batteries I Please place your household batteries in a clear Ziploc-type bag and set the bag on top (not inside) of your recyclable materials cart. Batteries accepted curbside include most common household batteries (M, AM, C, D, 6-volt, 9-volt, camera batteries, nickel cadmium and lithium ion). Please tape the top of 9-volt rectangular batteries and 6 volt square-base batteries with spring terminals. Button-cell coin-shaped batteries are NOT accepted.

Used Oils I Customers may request Used Oil Recovery Kits and collection of used motor oils and motor oil filters for no additional charge, not to exceed one (1) pick-up per week. Used Oil Recovery Kits will be provided upon request and will only be collected when correctly placed in the containers provided and set out next to the recyclable materials cart on the normal collection day. To request a Used Oil Recovery Kit, please contact Customer Service.

e-Waste Collection I Many small eWaste items are accepted in the recyclable materials cart, as described on page 4 of this guide. Items that do not fit inside the cart and/or televisions, computer monitors and computers that may contain lead and/or mercury, must be collected as a bulky item. To schedule collection, please contact Customer Service.

Holiday Tree Collection I During the first three (3) collection weeks of each year, customers may place un-flocked and undecorated holiday trees curbside for collection on the normal collection day. Trees must be cut into sections no larger than 6’ and placed next to the yard trimmings cart.

Physical Limitations Program I Customers that are disabled as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act are eligible to receive collection services at a location other than curbside for no additional charge. To request collection at an alternate location, please download the Physical Limitations Program Application and submit your completed application to GreenWaste Recovery.

Off-Street Collection The standard collection location is curbside for all containers and all material / types. Containers that are not immediately accessible by the collection vehicle are considered difficult to service. Collection of difficult to service containers carries a monthly per-container fee, based on the total number of containers issued to be collected at any location other than curbside. To request difficult to service collection, please contact Customer Service.

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