Standard Weekly Services

Carts and Bins | All materials must be prepared for collection in carts or bins provided by GreenWaste.  GreenWaste offers a variety of service options tailored to each customer’s needs. The site account holder or property manager is the only one authorized to make changes to the account. To request a change in the size of containers or frequency of collection, please contact your authorized account holder and/or property manager directly. Collection services are available up to five (5) days per week and include:

Collection in Carts

Individual Cart Service carries a charge for each cart serviced for Garbage, Recyclable Material and/or Yard Trimmings and offers flexibility of service day(s) and collection frequency.
Cart Sizes Available: 65- and 95-gallon

Single-Family Style Service includes a 3-cart bundle of Garbage, Recyclable Material and Yard Trimmings.  This option is only available for one time per week service on the collection day determined by GreenWaste.
Cart Sizes Available: 20-, 35-, 65- and 95-gallon

Collection in Bins

Bin Service may be subscribed to for Garbage and/or Recyclable Material collection.
Bin Sizes Available: 1-, 2-, 3-, 4-, 6-, and 8- cubic yards 

Monthly Rates | Weekly subscription-based collection services for materials collected in carts and bins are based on the material type, container size and frequency of collection. Services are provided weekly and customers are billed monthly in arrears.

Container Set-out Instructions

Service Locations | GreenWaste can accommodate different collection locations for multi-family complexes based on accessibility and space constraints. While the standard collection location is curbside, GreenWaste can collect from other locations for no additional charge if the service location is immediately accessible by the collection vehicle. If the service location is not immediately accessible or if unique conditions or special requests are made, additional charges may apply. To determine whether your collection location or needs may incur additional charges, please contact Customer Service.

Set-out Time | All materials must be placed in the designated collection location no later than 5:00AM on your normal collection day(s). Containers must be returned to each unit or enclosure within 24-hours of collection, or sooner as determined by the site or property manager.

Recyclable Materials | Recyclable materials will only be collected in blue containers provided by GreenWaste. All materials must fit completely inside the container with the lid closed.

Garbage | Garbage will only be collected in grey containers provided by GreenWaste. All materials must fit completely inside the container with the lid closed.

Yard Trimmings Collection | Your multi-family complex may be eligible to participate in a Yard Trimmings collection program. Please contact your site or property manager directly to determine whether a program can be established.

Important Note: If containers are overfilled or Garbage placed out for collection exceeds the capacity of the container, collection may occur and the site or property manager will incur additional charges that may be passed on to individual units.

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