Single-family Residential Services

Standard Services | Single-family residents in Sand City receive weekly curbside collection service of garbage, recyclable materials and yard trimmings. Excess materials and special items may also be eligible for curbside collection. Information on standard weekly collection services and material collection under the Overages Program can be found here.

Additional Services | Additional services are available to single-family residents. Additional services may be provided for an additional charge or at no additional charge and include collection of bulky items, household and car batteries, used motor and cooking oils, water-based paints, and holiday tree collection. Information on additional services available can be found here.

Important Collection Information

Holiday Observance | Collection will not occur on New Year’s Day (January 1st), Thanksgiving Day (4th Thursday in November) or Christmas Day (December 25th). If an observed holiday falls on a normal collection day, collection for the remainder of the week will be delayed by one day. The normal collection schedule will resume the following week.

Physical Limitations Program | Customers that are disabled as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act are eligible to receive collection services at a location other than curbside for no additional charge. To request collection at an alternate location, please download the Physical Limitations Program Application and submit your completed application, including a current physician’s statement.

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