Sunburst Red Mulch

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$40 per yard³
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Sunburst Red Mulch is produced from clean lumber that our facility recycles. This lumber has been sorted, ground and screened to remove contaminants such as plastics and to create pieces of uniform size. The mulch is then colored and dried, and is ready to use.

The product, which is 11/2” x 1/2”, is easy to apply and does not generate nearly as much dust as other brands. The wood chips are dyed using an organic, water-based pigment that is durable and attractive.

Mulch can be applied at any time of the year and during any time of the day. Mulching for weed suppression and moisture retention is best done before the spring growing season. All Zanker Recycling mulches are LEED approved.

Is the dye safe?Learn more - SB 1383 Compliant Products

Red Mulch Landscape