Important Information

Beginning February 1, 2016, GreenWaste will be rolling out a new Cardboard Collection Sticker Program. Cardboard will only be collected if it is placed inside your collection container or tied/bundled with a sticker according to the new Program Guidelines.

Services Available

Material Types | Commercial businesses are offered weekly collection services for garbage, mixed and/or source-separated recyclable materials and food waste. Collection services are also available for source-separated and mixed construction and demolition debris (C&D).

Collection Days | GreenWaste provides collection services five (5) days per week on a Monday through Friday schedule.

Collection Frequency | All subscription-based weekly collection services are provided up to five (5) times per week and not less than once per week, at the customer’s request. On-call services and special pick-ups are available for an additional charge.

Special Pick-ups | Collection services are also available on days other than regularly scheduled collection day(s) for an additional charge. Special pick-ups are scheduled at the customer’s request, up to fiv (5) days per week total service. To schedule a special pick-up, please contact Customer Service.

Extra Materials | GreenWaste will collect and charge customers for containers that are overfilled and/or when material is placed out for collection beyond the capacity of the container. The driver will document the overages and customers will be charged accordingly. To ensure accuracy of billing and minimize opportunities for billing discrepancies, GreenWaste strongly encourages customers to contact Customer Service to schedule for special pick-ups or overages in advance of the collection day.  

Bulky-item Collection: GreenWaste offers businesses bulky-item collection for an additional charge. Bulky items are items that won’t fit inside containers or items that require special handling, including items containing lead or mercury. To schedule a bulky-item collection, please contact Customer Service.

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