Food scraps and yard trimmings must go in your green organics cart. 
This organic material will be diverted from landfills.

GreenWaste has been providing service to Capitola since 2008. Capitola customers receive Garbage, Recyclable Materials, and Organics service.  Capitola’s recyclable material are transferred to GreenWaste’s Material Recovery Facility in San Jose, CA, Northern California’s premier solid waste and recyclables processing facility, where they sorted and processed.  Here, more than 80% of materials are diverted from the landfill. Learn about our state-of-the-art facilities.  

Garbage and organics material are delivered to the MRWMD for processing and/or disposal.

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Single-family residents in Capitola receive weekly curbside collection service of garbage, recyclable materials and organics. All materials must be ready for collection no later than 7:00AM on your normal collection day.

GARBAGE: Residents may choose subscription volumes of 10-, 20-, 32-, 64- or 96-gallons for weekly collection in wheeled containers.

RECYCLABLE MATERIALS: Residents are offered 64-gallon wheeled containers for weekly collection.

ORGANICS: Residents are provided one (1) Green 64-gallon wheeled container for organics collection at no additional charge.

Extra Services

BULKY ITEM COLLECTION PROGRAM: Small appliances or furniture can be picked up curbside for a small fee.  Contact Customer Service seventy-two (72) hours in advance to schedule.

EXTRA GARBAGE COLLECTION: Extra garbage can be placed curbside in a 32-gallon bag or can for a small fee. Contact Customer Service seventy-two (72) hours in advance of your regular service day to schedule.

HOUSEHOLD BATTERIES: Household batteries can be collected curbside with your weekly recycling at no additional charge. Please place batteries in a sealed clear zip-lock bag and set them on top of your blue recycling container (not inside).

USED MOTOR OIL AND MOTOR OIL FILTERS: To recycle curbside, place used oil in a FREE GreenWaste issued oil jug, filters need placed in clear zip-locked bags and set out on the curb near your container for collection. To request a free oil jug, please call Customer Service seventy-two (72) hours in advance of your regular service day.

E-WASTE COLLECTION: Electronic waste weighing under 40 pounds and measuring less than 2 feet in any direction can be placed in your blue recycling container. Large electronic waste can be picked up curbside as a bulky item for a small fee. Hazardous waste is not accepted. Contact Customer Service seventy-two (72) hours in advance to schedule.

HOLIDAY TREE COLLECTION: During the first two (2) collection weeks of each year, customers may place un-flocked and undecorated holiday trees curbside for collection on the normal collection day. Trees must be cut into sections no larger than 6’ and placed next to the yard trimmings cart.

Billing & Rates

Capitola residents are on a quarterly billing cycle. This means you can expect to receive your GreenWaste invoice in January, April, July and October. If you have any questions about your billing, please contact Customer Service.

Businesses in Capitola are offered weekly collection of garbage, recyclable materials and organics. Service is provided up to six (6) days per week on a Monday through Saturday schedule. All materials must fit completely inside the container with the lid closed. Containers should be returned to their service location promptly after service.

GARBAGE: Garbage is collected in volumes of 35-, 64-, or 96-gallon carts, or 1-, 2-, 3-, 4-, 6-, or 8-yard bins.

RECYCLABLE MATERIALS: Recyclable materials are collected in volumes of 64-gallon carts, or 1-, 2-, 3-, 4-, 6-, or 8-yard bins.

Green Bin Cart

ORGANICS: Organics are collected in volumes of 64-gallon carts and 1- or 1.5-yard bins.

What Goes Where & More

Program and Sorting Guidance


Regulatory Requirements

MANDATORY RECYCLING: California Assembly Bill 341 (AB 341) became effective July 1, 2012. AB 341 mandates recycling for all businesses producing 4 cubic yards or more of garbage per week. Subscribing to recyclable materials collection services through GreenWaste will help ensure compliance with AB 341.

MANDATORY ORGANICS RECYCLING: California Assembly Bill 1826 (AB1826) was signed into law in 2014, mandating organics recycling for businesses in California. All businesses in California producing 2 cubic yards or more of total generated material per week are required to subscribe to organic material collection services. Subscribing to food waste collection services through GreenWaste will help ensure compliance with AB 1826.

GreenWaste offers temporary debris boxes from 12 to 40 cubic yard size. Debris boxes are great for property clean outs, remodeling debris from your home, yard and garage clean-ups. For additional information or to order a drop box, please contact Customer Service.


Unacceptable Materials:

  • Treated Wood Waste (DTSC)
  • Wet garbage (kitchen waste)
  • Medical waste
  • Hazardous Materials (paint, oil, chemicals, etc)
  • Dirt or Concrete (Must use concrete or dirt box)
  • Tar and Gravel roofing material (Must use 10 cubic yard)
  • Carpet (cannot exceed 25% of load)
  • Sheetrock (cannot exceed 25% of load)
  • Tree Trunks cannot exceed 6 inches in diameter (must be a 10 cubic yard bin)

Additional charges apply for:

  • Excess of dirt and concrete
  • Overweight box
  • Carpet in excess of 25% of load
  • Sheetrock in excess of 25% of load
  • Overloaded box
  • Truck Tires
  • Passenger tires
  • Relocation of box
  • Additional days
  • Dry run charges

Loading Box:

  • Box must be level to the rim with nothing hanging off the sides.

Processing & Disposal Summary

GreenWaste vehicles deliver Garbage and Organics to the Monterey Regional Waste Management District (MRWMD) in Marina for processing and/or disposal, while recyclables are delivered to the GreenWaste Transfer Facility in Watsonville.

GreenWaste Grey Cart GARBAGE is delivered to the MRWMD Landfill for disposal.
GreenWaste Blue Cart RECYCLABLE MATERIALS are delivered to the Watsonville Transfer Facility, consolidated, and transported to the GreenWaste MRF in San Jose for processing.
GreenWaste Green Cart ORGANICS are delivered to the MRWMD for composting.

Local Community Contacts

Local Office

375 Industrial Rd.
Watsonville, CA 95076
Office hours: 8AM – 5PM

Billing Address:
GreenWaste Recovery, LLC
P.O. Box 11089
San Jose, CA 95103-1089

Customer Service: 831-768-9505
Toll Free: 877-203-8970


City of Capitola

420 Capitola Ave
Capitola, CA 95010

831-475-7300 | Main Phone

Santa Cruz County |
Hazardous Waste Program


County of Santa Cruz Department of Public Works