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GreenWaste Recovery provides residential recycling and hauling services for various areas throughout Northern California.  It is our goal to provide each area we serve with a uniquely tailored suite of collection and processing options based on the needs of each community, the material streams generated and the geography of the service area.

While our collection and processing approach varies from area to area, it is our goal to offer cost-effective and environmentally conscious service solutions that may include the collection and processing of garbage, recyclable materials and yard trimmings or compostable materials. Customer service, outreach and education are of the utmost importance. We make it a priority to identify each customer interaction as an opportunity to enhance the customers’ experience with our company, improve their understanding of our operations, offer additional information on available services and to positively impact overall awareness of what happens to waste once it is removed from their home.  

Services and rates in each community may vary.  Please click on the above locations to find out more about services in your area or call our Customer Service Department at 800.944.4388 for better assistance.


AB 341 - Mandatory Recycling for Multi-Family Residences*
Beginning July 1, 2012 (AB341), a recently passed California regulation mandates recycling for all multi-family residential buildings comprised of 5 or more units.

If your multi-family residential building has 5 or more units and recycling services are not currently being provided or if recycling services are already available, but you would like to learn more about enhanced recycling programs in your area, please call GreenWaste Customer Service at 800-944-4388.

If you would like additional information on the regulation, whether it applies to you or how residences in your area may be affected, please see the links below:

*Please note this regulation is specific to multi-family homes only. Single-family residences do not fall within this regulation and receive recycling carts at no additional charge with their residential service.



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