GreenWaste Z-Best Composting Facility

Transforming food scraps and yard trimmings into high-quality compost.

The GreenWaste Z-Best Composting Facility, located in Gilroy, CA, was constructed in 1997 to process yard trimmings into high-grade compost.  This facility transforms yard trimmings into a nutrient-rich organic compost used by California farmers, processing as much as 1,500 tons per day. Additionally, this facility processes municipal solid waste and food waste into a compost product for local landscapers.

John Doyle, General Manager

Yard Trimmings Composting

yard trimmingsYard trimmings from residential and commercial customers throughout California arrive daily to the Gilroy facility and are shredded and placed into rows approximately 20′ wide, 12′ high, and 400′ long. Over the next 14-18 weeks, they are monitored daily for temperature and moisture and turned 1-2 times per week.

At the end of the composting process, the materials are screened and processed for quality assurance before being sent to farms and orchards across California.

Post Consumer Organics Composting

Once materials arrive on site, they are processed to remove non-compostable items. The compostables are then shredded and injected into 350-foot long bags, where over the next four months they they are aerated and monitored to ensure a successful and efficient compost process. At the end of the four months, materials are removed go through a cycle of screening and curing to ensure quality before being sold to local landscapers.

Final Testing

Compost marketingSamples from both composting process are sent monthly to an independent laboratory to be tested for nutrient value, contamination, and pathogen reduction.  Every year, this facility receives, processes, and sells more than 150,000 tons of compost to farmers and landscapers across California.

GreenWaste’s Z-Best Compost is OMRI certified organic and approved by the California Department of Food and Agriculture for use on farms, gardens, and nurseries.




Compost Manufacturing Alliance

CMAThe Compost manufacturing alliance is a nationwide partnership compost manufacturing facilities providing field disintegration testing for food service products. At the GreenWaste Composting Facility automated aeration and membrane laminate covers are mechanisms used to consistently control temperature and oxygen levels in the piles. Visit Compost Manufacturing Alliance to browse products manufactures have tested for their compostability specific to composting mechanisms used at this facility.


Interested in learning more about this facility? Watch our virtual tour.

omri listed products available

GreenWaste is a large wholesale producer of compost and mulch products. Please email Beto Ochoa or call at 408-313-0444 for any questions regarding wholesale purchases of our products.

Customers in the Bay Area can purchase products directly online or at one of our landscape materials facility in San Jose.

Interested in SB 1383 eligible landscaping products? GreenWaste is pleased to offer a full line of professional SB1383 products for procurement.


Bulk Sales Inquiry

This facility will accept smaller loads of clean yard waste and brush for $62 per ton and logs at $64 per ton.

For large volume producers of yard trimmings, wood chips, and organic waste, please email John Doyle or call him at 408-846-1575.


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