Carpet Recycling

Why Recycle Your Carpet and Padding?

Carpet is a petroleum based product and accounts for over 3.5% of all the waste disposed of in our U.S. landfills.

This translates to over 4 billion lbs per year!

By recycling your experienced carpet and foam carpet padding with us at GreenWaste Carpet Recycling, you will not only be reducing the use of millions of barrels of oil to reproduce new carpeting but like other recyclable materials you will be helping it find new life as other useful products like new carpet and padding, auto parts, plastic lumber, erosion control products, roof shingles, construction products and fuel pellets.

All this helps to drastically lower our carbon footprint and decrease greenhouse gas emissions!

If you recycle 1000 square feet of carpet and pad:
    - You will keep approximately 500 lbs of carpet and padding out of landfills
    - You will eliminate the need for an estimated 48 gallons of petroleum oil
    - You will reduce approximately 913 lbs of CO2 from being emitted into our air (the equivalent of 950 miles driven by a car)
    - You will create local "Green" jobs for your community

Don't let your old carpet sit in landfills forever!

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