California State University, Monterey Bay

Food scraps and yard trimmings must go in your green organics cart. 
This organic material will be diverted from landfills.

GreenWaste has been providing service to CSUMB since 2012. CSUMB customers receive Garbage and Recyclable Materials service. Additionally, Food Scraps and Yard Trimmings service is provided in certain areas of the Main Campus and East Campus. Recyclables, transferred via Watsonville, are processed at the GreenWaste MRF, while Garbage, Food Scraps and Yard Trimmings are delivered to the MRWMD for processing and/or disposal.

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Collection service for Main Campus is Monday through Saturday, 7:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

GARBAGE: Grey containers with clear labels are provided for garbage materials. 

RECYCLABLE MATERIALS: Blue containers with clear labeling are provided for Recyclable Materials.

Yellow Cart

Organics: Yellow containers with clear labeling are provided for organic materials at select locations.



MAY MAIN CAMPUS MOVE-OUT: The mid-May residence hall move-out is the biggest move-out event of the year, during which approximately 2,000 students are required to move out of their rooms by a specific date. The waste diversion event involves a minimum of three (3) days of moving and sorting waste at designated stations into reusables/donation items, recyclables, waste, and other items to reduce landfill volumes.  GreenWaste provides clearly labeled extra containers for this event.

JANUARY MAIN CAMPUS MOVE OUT: The January move-out event is much smaller than the May move-out event. GreenWaste provides clearly labeled extra containers for this event.

Sorting Resources

Program and Sorting Guidance

  • Recycle Guide


Collection service for East Campus Housing is Monday through Friday.

GARBAGE: GreenWaste collects garbage from residents of ECH by providing Grey wheeled carts. The default cart size is sixty-four (64) gallon capacity.

RECYCLABLE MATERIALS: GreenWaste collects comingled recyclables from residential cart customers in ECH. 

GreenWaste Green Cart

Organics: GreenWaste collects Yard Waste from residents of ECH by providing Green carts of approximately 64-gallon capacity for residential collection.

Extra Resources

***The following services are available to the For Sale Homes only.***

OVERAGES PROGRAM: Cart customers are sent ten (10) stickers annually for overages. A fee of $8.33 applies to each set out of an additional bag or 35 gallon can equivalent beyond the initial ten (10) set outs per year. Cans/carts may not exceed 50 lbs. 

BULKY ITEM COLLECTION PROGRAM:  Bulky items can be collected on an on-call basis for a service fee. Contact Customer Service at least (24 hours) in advance to schedule the service on the same day as the regular collection day. 

HOUSEHOLD BATTERIES: Household batteries can be collected curbside with weekly recycling at no additional charge. Please place batteries in a sealed clear zip-lock bag and set them on top of your blue recycling container (not inside).

USED MOTOR OIL AND MOTOR OIL FILTERS: To recycle curbside, place used oil in clear, five-gallon plastic jugs with a screw top lid, filters need placed in clear zip-locked bags and set out on the curb near your container for collection. 

HOLIDAY TREE COLLECTION: During the first three (3) regularly scheduled collection days after New Year’s Day, residents with Yard Trimmings service may place un-flocked and undecorated holiday trees curbside for collection. Trees must be cut into sections no larger than 6’ and placed next to their green cart.

Sort Resources

  • Recycle Guide

Processing & Disposal Summary

GreenWaste vehicles deliver Garbage, Yard Trimmings and Food Waste to the Monterey Regional Waste Management District (MRWMD) in Marina for processing and/or disposal, while Recyclable Materials are delivered to the GreenWaste Transfer Facility in Watsonville.

GreenWaste Grey Cart GARBAGE is delivered to the MRWMD landfill for disposal.
GreenWaste Blue Cart RECYCLABLE MATERIALS are delivered to the Watsonville Transfer Facility, consolidated, and transported to the GreenWaste MRF in San Jose for processing.
GreenWaste Green Cart YARD TRIMMINGS are delivered to the MRWMD Materials Recovery Facility for composting.
Yellow Cart FOOD  SCRAPS are delivered to the MRWMD for composting.


Local Community Contacts

GreenWaste Recovery, Inc. | Local Office

375 Industrial Rd.
Watsonville, CA 95076

Office hours: 8AM – 5PM

P.O. Box 11089 | Billing Address

San Jose, CA 95103-1089

831-920-6707 | Customer Service

877-203-8970 | Toll Free