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Welcome to our Materials Recovery Campus in San Jose

GreenWaste has established itself as Northern California’s premier high diversion organic waste and recyclables processor, having received the highly acclaimed Gold Excellence Award in the Recycling System category from the Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA). The GreenWaste Materials Recovery Campus incorporates three distinct processing facilities, each designed to separate different types of materials.

Manuel Aguilar, General Manager

Recyclables (Single Stream)

The largest of the facilities is the Recyclables facility. This facility takes residential and commercial mixed recyclables and separates them into individual commodities, including cardboard, glass, aluminum and a variety of plastics. These materials are baled and sent to processors to produce new products.

Operating at over 45 tons per hour, this plant will recover up to 85% of the material it processes.

Single Stream Facility

Single Stream Process

Single Stream Facility Tour

Garbage & Mixed Materials (MSW)

The Municipal Solid Waste facility is a high diversion organic waste processing facility designed to maximize the recovery of compostable and recyclable material from garbage and other mixed material streams. There are two processing lines that handle the vastly different waste from single family homes and multi-family complexes.

Operating at 90 tons per hour, this facility will recover up to 75% of the material it processes.

MSW Facility

MSF Process

MSW Facility Tour

Yard Trimmings

Materials at the Yard Trimmings facility are divided by size, separating woody debris from the compostable fraction. The compostable fraction is sent to the GreenWaste Z-Best Composting Facility to be transformed into an organic compost used for regenerative agriculture and landscaping.

Operating at 70 tons per hour, this facility will recover up to 98% of the material it processes.

Yard Trimmings Facility

Yard Trimming Process

Yard Trimmings Collection and Processing