Material Recovery Facility (MRF)

We innovate.

The GreenWaste Materials Recovery Yard incorporates three distinct processing facilities, each designed to separate different types of materials. All three facilities have been designed with the specific material types in mind to maximize our chances of not missing anything.

Our Recyclables MRF

The largest of the facilities is the Commingled Recyclables facility.  This facility takes residential and commercial mixed recyclables and separates them into individual commodities, including cardboard, glass, aluminum and different plastics.  These materials are baled and sent to processors to produce new products.  Processing material at over 45 tons per hour, this plant will recover over 95% of the material it processes.


The second facility is the “Dirty MRF,” designed to take municipal solid waste (“trash”) and remove organic material prior to sending the residual to the landfill.  Two lines handle the vastly different waste from single family homes and multi-family complexes at 25 tons per hour and 37 tons per hour respectively.  Almost 70% of the material processed in this facility is sent to Z Best for composting.

Our Yard Waste MRF + Composting Process

The third facility is designed to process the yardwaste collected by GreenWaste’s San Jose collection fleet.  Materials here are divided by size, with smaller materials sent to Z-Best to be transformed into an organic compost, while larger materials are ground up and sent to cogeneration plants for fuel.  Over 99% of the material processed in this facility will be made into a new product.

Utilizing years at the forefront of post processing materials found in all waste streams, GreenWaste’s Materials Recovery Yard can process over 100 tons of material every hour, while recovering over 80% of the materials received. 

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