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The GreenWaste Commercial Services team works with corporations, commercial property owners, and construction and demolition companies in several Northern California Communities to make sure that less commercial waste goes to the landfill. GreenWaste may provides commercial services to your area. If you don’t see the area you live in listed call us at 408-283-4819, we might still service your area.

AB 341- Mandatory Recycling for Commercial Businesses
Beginning July 1, 2012 (AB 341), a recently passed California regulation mandates recycling for all businesses in California producing 4 cubic yards or more of trash per week.

If your business is producing 4 cubic yards or more of trash and recycling services are not currently being provided or if you already receive recycling services, but would like to learn more about enhanced recycling programs in your area, please call GreenWaste Customer Service at 800-944-4388.

If you would like additional information on the regulation, whether it applies to you or how businesses in your area may be affected, please see the links below: