About Us

We are a "brighter shade of green"

GreenWaste is a privately owned and locally operated recycling and diversion company that specializes in the collection and processing of residential and commercial trash, yard trimmings, curbside recyclables, food waste and construction and demolition debris. GreenWaste has been a pioneer in the recycling industry since its inception in 1991 and has demonstrated leadership in efficient, effective and environmentally sound collection and processing operations. Our MRF in San Jose is one of the most innovative processing facilities in the world, capable of sorting and recovering 98% of recyclable materials and 75% of trash for a total facility diversion rate of 88% for household and commercial waste.

Caring for our Customer, Employees and the Environment

At GreenWaste, we are concerned about the environment – not only our natural environment, but also our working environment. We proudly promote our employees, offer valuable training, great benefits, and an atmosphere of camaraderie and respect. GreenWaste employs 328 people in a variety of fields (administrative, equipment operators, sorters, mechanics, drivers, etc.). GreenWaste provides collection and processing services to San Jose, Santa Cruz County, Portola Valley, Woodside, Los Altos Hills, Capitola, Scotts Valley, Palo Alto, and portions of Santa Clara County. We believe that GreenWaste’s excellent customer service record is a reflection of the value we place on our employees.

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