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In this section, you will find magazine and newspaper articles about GreenWaste Recovery and its effect on the recycling industry. It brings us great joy and pride to see how we can not only help shape the industry but also the community in which we serve.


10 - Waste360: Aquarium Builds Blue Whale Art Installation From Single-use Plastic
08 - Green Matters: San Jose Is Recycling Its Plastics With A Revolutionary New Method
08 - ABC7 News: Public-Private Partnership In Bay Area Seeks To Make Chemicals From Hard-To-Recycle Plastics
08 - Waste360: GreenWaste Recovery Opens 90-tph Mixed Waste MRF
08 - Recycling Product News: GreenWaste Recovery, In Partnership With BHS, Opens 90-tph Mixed Waste MRF
07 - Telemundo: La ruta de los desechos en el Área de la Bahía


10 - The Carmel Pine Cone: City joins restaurants in recycling food waste
09 - Cedar Street Times: GreenWaste Recovery wins National Award for Recycling Excellence 
09 - Aptos Times: GreenWaste Recovery wins National Award for Recycling Excellence
09 - SWANA Excellence Award Entry 2017
07 - The Carmel Pine Cone: Restaurateurs get first look at straw rule, plastics ban
06 - Recycling Inside: GreenWaste selects BHS for Mixed Waste MRF
06 - Recycling Today: GreenWaste Recovery uses BHS equipment for system upgrade
06 - Recycling Product News: GreenWaste selects BHS for Mixed Waste MRF
06 - Waste360: GreenWaste selects BHS for Mixed Waste MRF in San Jose
06 - Waste Management World: Five BHS Max-AI Robotic Sorting Systems part of major upgrade at San Jose recycling plant
03 - Waste360: How San Jose tackled cleanup duties in flood ravaged neighborhoods


01 - Cedar St. Times: Cardboard collection in Pacific Grove 


09 - Recycling Product News: GreenWaste Recovery diverts 88 percent of incoming materials
07 - Recycling Today: GreenWaste Recovery opens single-stream plant in San Jose
07 - Waste Dive: GreenWaste Recovery opens MRF in San Jose
04 - Monterey County Weekly: New waste hauler in seven Peninsula cities will allow residents to recycle more


04 - Biocycle Magazine: High solids Anaerobic Digestion + Composting in San Jose
01 - Monterey County Weekly: Waste district endorses new company for Peninsula hauling
01 - Monterey Herald: Monterey Peninsula cities consider new waste hauler


12 - MontereyCounty Weekly: Four companies vie to take over lucrative rights to haul Peninsula's waste


03 - Mid-County Post: Closing the loop on food waste


08 - BioCycle Magazine: Creating infrastructure for commercial waste diversion
07 - Santa Cruz Sentinel: Capitola's Pacific Coast Manor downsizes daily waste
06 - Gilroy Dispatch: GreenWaste receives environmental award
06 - Resource Recycling Magazine: From multi-family to clean streams
05 - BioCycle Magazine: New frontier for commercial waste in San Jose
02 - Santa Cruz Sentinel: Capitola food waste program


12 - Renewable News: MRFing our way to diversion
11 - Los Altos Patch: MRF-Garbage, where does it go?
10 - BioMass Power & Thermal Magazine: Zero tolerance for waste
10 - Santa Cruz Sentinel: Rinsing recyclables


12 - MSW Management: Modern MRF
11 - BioCycle Magazine: MRF Organics Recovery 
10 - CIWMB Newsletter: Multi-Family Recycling Program San Jose
08 - USA Today: Is biogas the way to San Jose's energy independence?
08 - Mercury News: SJ turn waste into power
07 - Recycling Today: MRF Trash to Treasure
06 - Resource Recycling: MRF of the Month


11 - San Jose Magazine: Green Challenge Waste Wise
08 - San Jose Press Release


05 - The Green Corner: San Jose Education Foundation
04 - The Green Corner: Friends of Guadalupe River Park & Gardens
03 - The Green Corner: Resource Area For Teaching (RAFT)
02 - The Green Corner: Certified Green Business

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