Keep It Clean

Do Your Part to Meet China’s Tightened Recycling Import Rules

China has historically been the largest consumer of recycled commodities throughout the United States, importing approximately 13 million tons of paper and 776,000 tons of plastic from the US annually.

As of March 1, 2018, China has imposed a number of restrictions on imported recyclables under a new policy entitled “National Sword,” creating zero tolerance for a number of problem materials. With the new restrictions, imported recyclables may only contain 0.5% of any type of contaminant.

How GreenWaste is Responding:

GreenWaste has always performed far better than industry standards in maintaining low contamination rates. In reaction to ever heightening standards, the GreenWaste Material Recovery Facility (MRF) has added staff to the sorting line and slowed down throughput. MRF workers are inspecting loads as they come in and drivers are scrutinizing material as they collect it.

We are also bolstering education to residents and businesses. We’ve launched our Keep it Clean campaign to remind our customers that it is important to sort correctly and remove all food and liquids from recyclable materials. Check out our Keep It Clean video playlist on YouTube for tips on how to keep your recyclables clean and dry.

What Can You Do?

You can help the efforts by following these steps:

Place only recyclable materials in the recycle container. (View the Recycle Guide for your specific area)

Remember that a used paper plate is no longer recyclable.

Use spatulas or other utensils to remove sticky foods.

Reuse second-hand water to rinse out stubborn remnants.


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