Standard Weekly Services

Garbage | Customers may choose subscription volumes of 32-gallons, 65-gallons or 95-gallons for weekly collection in grey carts provided by GreenWaste. To change your garbage subscription volume, call Customer Service.

Recyclable Materials | Customers receive one (1) blue 65-gallon cart for recyclable materials at no charge. A larger 95-gallon recyclable material cart is available by request. Additional carts for recyclable materials are available for a monthly cart rental fee.

Yard Trimmings | Customers receive one (1) green 95-gallon cart for yard trimmings at no charge. A smaller 65-gallon cart is available by request. Additional carts for yard trimmings are available for a monthly service fee.


Collection Location | The standard collection location is curbside for all containers and all material types. 

Set-Out Times | All materials must be placed out for collection no later than 6:00AM on your normal collection day.

Overages Program

In addition to the standard weekly collection services, customers will receive ten (10) “Extra Garbage” stickers and ten (10) “Extra Yard Trimmings” stickers at the beginning of each calendar year. Stickers can be used anytime during the calendar year on the normal collection day for materials that exceed weekly collection subscription levels. Additional stickers can be purchased by contacting Customer Service. Extra garbage and/or yard trimmings placed out for collection without stickers will be collected and an additional charge will apply. There is no charge for extra recyclable materials set out for collection. Extra materials must be set out in accordance with the following:

  • Place extra garbage in customer-provided black or grey 32-gallon plastic bags next to your garbage cart.
  • Place extra yard trimmings in customer-provided cans or tied in secured bundles (no larger than 3’ x 3’) next to your yard trimmings cart(s).
  • Place extra recyclable materials in customer-provided clear plastic bags and cardboard in tied and secured bundles (no larger than 3’ x  3’) next to your recyclable materials cart(s).
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