School Presentations

GreenWaste understands that todays youth represent our future. Working with local schools is something we not only take pride in but is a highly effective way of ensuring that each generation values recycling more than the last. It was not long ago that recycling was a new "trend" and in a short time we've come a long way. Part of that credit goes to the first generation children recyclers who grew up with recycling as a new program. These kids accomplished this by eagerly soaking up information at a young age and generating an incredible amount of excitement and interest about recycling.

If you would like GreenWaste to visit your classroom please contact our office at 408.283.4800.

Below are a few recycling activity sheets created by us that you can download and print for kids at home and school. These coloring book pages are a fun and simple way to get kids excited about recycling!

If you would like to show us how your page turned out, share it with us on facebook or twitter!

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