Petaluma - Services Offered


Garbage collection

Residents have garbage carts provided by GreenWaste Recovery. Sizes range from 20, 35, 65 and 95 gallon wheeled carts. The 20- gallon cart is recommended for the super recycler. Materials must be placed curbside by 6:00 a.m.

Rates are available by calling Customer Service at (707) 766-6026 or by contacting Customer Service Online.

Recycling collection

Residents are provided one 95-gallon bins for recyclables. Recycling is unlimited. Recycling includes single stream recycling.

Yard trimmings collection

Residents are provided 65 or 95-gallon can for yard trimmings collection.

Organic material is accepted in the yard trimmings container. Items such as vegetables peelings, fruits and vegetables, weeds, leaves, landscaping prunings, grass clippings, tree branches less than 30” in diameter.

Unacceptable materials for the organics program are meat, cooking oil and liquid waste, bones, dairy cheese, plastic bags, poison oak, cactus, plam fronds, bamboo, dirt, rock, animal waste, tree stumps, and garbage.

Click here for more info on veggie composting.


Garbage collection

Commercial customers can select from frontloader bin service. Frontloader bins are available for collection Monday and / or Thursday for collection. Call Customer Service at (707) 766-6026 or contact Customer Service Online to arrange for special pick up or to change size of containers.

Contact Resources

To contact The City of Petaluma visit

Customer Service for GreenWaste Recovery, Inc. (707) 766-6026