Form - Direct Deposit

GreenWaste Recovery, Inc.
Authorization for Automatic Deposits/
Automatic Deposit Cancelations

For Direct Deposit of payroll checks, the account must already exist and the bank or credit union must accept direct deposits.  Contact your bank or credit union to verify this information.

To have your payroll check automatically deposited into your bank or credit union account, complete this form as follows:

By filling out and submitting this form I authorize GreenWaste Recovery, Inc. and the bank listed below to deposit my net paycheck or a portion as indicated into the account listed on this form on each pay date. If the funds to which I am not entitled are deposited into this account, I authorize GreenWaste Recovery, Inc. to direct the bank to return these funds. I understand that any funds deposited may not be credited to my account until 5:00pm on the pay date indicated on the check voucher.

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