GreenWaste Recovery and the Z-Best Composting Facility are working together to provide outreach and organics processing services for corporate and industrial campuses. Participating businesses can reduce disposal fees, demonstrate leadership and corporate responsibility, and help the community meet local and state waste reduction goals.

How to start a program:

The GreenWaste Environmental Outreach Coordinators (EOCs) make starting the program easy. After an initial waste audit, a dedicated EOC partners with facility management to determine program guidelines, answer questions and provide all the necessary equipment; multi-lingual posters, carts and waste can stickers. The EOC will conduct employee training sessions to facilitate a smooth transition to an organics recycling program.

What materials are accepted?

Organic wastes include clean wastes from institutional cafeterias located at corporate campuses and are defined as organic solid waste, including vegetable, fruit, grain, meat, and dairy waste, non-residential landscaping trimmings (e.g., grass, leaves, prunings, flowers, wood chips), sod, animal manure, wood wastes and sawdust, waxed cardboard and soiled paper, compost-able plastics and compost-able plastic bags.

Save the planet and 25%

Organic program participants can purchase the compost produced from their materials at a 25% reduced rate. Now that you know closing the loop is easy, spread it around.