Sister Companies

GreenWaste is not only different from other collection and processing companies due to its high diversion rates and level of customer care, but also because of our sister companies that create a vertically integrated company structure. Our relationships with Zanker Road Resource Management Ltd. and its two facilities on Zanker Road, Z-Best Composting Facility in Gilroy and Zero Waste Energy Development Company all contribute to GreenWaste's current and future ability to maximize diversion rates, create new energy sources from renewable and further technological innovations in the world of solid waste management.


Zanker Road Resource Management Ltd.

Zanker Road Resource Management Ltd. is a privately owned solid waste and recycling company that began operations in 1985 by developing a landfill into a full-service resource management and composting/recycling facility. In 1998, Zanker expanded operations by permitting an adjacent landfill site as a construction and demolition (C&D) debris processing facility. These two facilities process more than 2,000 tons of mixed debris per day.

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Z-Best Composting Facility

Z-Best Composting Facility in Gilroy was constructed in 1997 to produce compost from yard trimmings. Z-Best is owned and operated by Zanker Road Resource Management, Ltd. and currently Z-Best receives approximately 1,300 tons per day of material for processing. Z-Best processes up to 1,000 tons per day of yard trimmings into compost that is sold to Salinas Valley farmers for use on crops and up to 350 tons per day of municipal solid waste and food waste into compost that is sold to the local landscaping industry.

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Zero Waste Energy Devlopment Company

Zero Waste Energy Development Company is a joint venture between GreenWaste Recovery and Zanker Road Resource Management and was formed to develop and operate the first dry fermentation anaerobic digestion facility in the United States. Zero Waste is designing and permitting a 270,000 tons per year Dry Fermentation Anaerobic Digestion (AD) Facility in San Jose that will be developed in phases; each of the three phases will be capable of processing 90,000 tons per year of organic materials. The facility will process and recover energy from source separated food waste and the organic fraction remaining after materials including Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) are processed at GreenWaste's Material Recovery Facility (MRF) and create two products: biogas containing methane and compost.



Zero Waste Energy, LLC.

Zero Waste Energy is a development company that was formed to  design, build, and operate integrated solid waste facilities throughout North America. These facilities will be designed to recover material for recycling and reuse, while transforming organic waste into green energy using the same proven dry fermentation anaerobic digestion technology that has been successfully demonstrated in several European facilities and is under development domestically in San Jose, CA.

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